Energy medicine is not a new modality. The laying of hands for the purpose of healing has been documented as far back as 1550 BC in Egypt, and ancient people across many cultures have shared a recognition of the existence of a subtle body, or energy body, that feeds and informs the homeostasis and regulation of the physical body. There is a unifying energy that permeates and weaves together all of existence into an intricate web of luminous intelligence. Quantum physics is now affirming what was believed thousands of years ago - that what we perceive to be solid is actually an optical illusion and reality is made almost entirely of space and energy. Accessing and working with this unseen realm for the intention of healing is our birthright, and these practices are being remembered and revitalized through modern day energy medicine modalities. I have been working with the unseen dimension of reality for many years for my own healing and now share this capacity with others through my medical qi gong energy medicine practice. 

Medical Qi Gong
Qi Gong translates into 'skillful cultivation of energy' and medical Qi Gong is the oldest therapeutic branch of Chinese medicine. Integrative by nature and ancient in practice, Medical Qi Gong works to correct physical and energetic imbalances through toning, purging, and regulating the body’s vital force, or Qi. Practitioners, through devoted study and self-cultivation, have the ability to sense and manipulate energy, strengthen internal organs, regulate nervous and immune system imbalances, release deep emotions, and renew wellness.

Treatments are held in Oak Bay at Heart of the Village Clinic #206 2186 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC. 
Distance sessions are available for those who live far and wide. 
Treatments are 90 minutes and cost $130 per session.

"I am so grateful for Carly's qigong treatments. A single session combined with gentle follow-up practices not only cleared my ovarian pain and began to regulate my menstrual cycles, but also yielded profound insight into the original source of these long-time imbalances. This first session was a turning point for me, and additional treatments continue to deepen my experience of healing and energy cultivation. Carly's gentle, skillful and beautifully intuitive approach to qi gong has won my heart forever."   - J.M , Montreal, Quebec

Carly is a warm, intuitive, compassionate individual with extensive knowledge and experience working with the subtle body. I have deeply appreciated her ability to hold space and help me work through some challenging areas in my life. Her mindful, non judgemental approach makes it easy to trust and talk with her and I have found her Qi Gong treatments to be incredibly grounding and profoundly healing. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to work with Carly one on one and for her gentle guidance in navigating this path of my life” - S.Davies


When we deepen our commitment to practice, we are at times confronted with feelings of disorientation, waves of strong emotion, or simply a desire for clarification and encouragement. Unfamiliar energetic experiences can also arise during specific life events, particularly as we awaken the subtle body through our meditation training. During these times, personalized guidance and support from a trusted teacher can be of immense value. I offer mentorship to help both students and fellow teachers develop their personal practices and work skillfully with transitional and energetic experiences. Sessions can also be arranged to support teachers in preparing for their own classes and workshops.

Informed by my own direct experience and training in community counselling, my approach is both intuitive and grounded. As an endorsed Insight Yoga Teacher and mentor to practitioners around the world, I gently guides and empower others to access their inner resources and wisdom nature in the distinctive contexts of their lives and work. 

I have been mentored for over a decade by my primary teacher Sarah Powers and have turned to many other trusted guides in my various fields of study for one-on-one support. I believe mentorship to be an ancient way to  transmit of knowledge and wisdom to ultimately empower the mentee to uncover their own jewels of inner knowing.

Treatments are held in Oak Bay at Heart of the Village Clinic #206 2186 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC. 
Distance sessions are available for those who live far and wide. 
Treatments are 60 minutes and cost $100 per session.

Carly has guided me in a myriad of ways to look at my inner life. The unseen terrain. Through workshops, courses and phone chats, I have been able to uncover some very well hidden and guarded aspects of myself, places where I get caught; aspects of myself that are stuck and holding me back from living a happier life.  A life that is more true to who I am. Opening to your vulnerabilities is tender work and I only dive in as much as I am able, but I do this knowing I have Carly’s unwavering support and wisdom at my side. What Carly offers is vast and is tailored to where you are at on your spiritual and emotional journey.
-P.H, Victoria BC


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Despite our best efforts and intentions and regardless of how much we practice, sometimes we may find ourselves coming up against patterns of behaviour and ways of relating that keep us at a distance from ourselves and those we’re in relationship with. The Enneagram offers a clear path through the confusion.

The Enneagram is 9-sided symbol used to represent the spectrum of possible personality types. This subtle and nuanced system offers a powerful map of the ways in which our unique personality can both enrich and hinder our personal and relational evolution.

Working together one-on-one, we will discern your unique enneatype and how you can start using the Enneagram map to deepen your understanding of yourself and your patterns of behaviour. 

I have been studying and practicing the Enneagram for the past decade, completing my teacher training in 2015 through the Canadian Institute of Enneagram Studies under Dr Penny Whillans. 

One of the profound lessons of the Enneagram is that psychological integration and spiritual realization are not separate processes. Without spirituality, psychology cannot free us or lead us to the deepest truths about ourselves, and without psychology, spirituality can lead us to grandiosity, delusion, and an attempt to escape from reality. The Enneagram is neither dry psychology nor fuzzy mysticism but a tool for transformation that uses the clarity and insight of psychology as a point of entry into a profound and universal spirituality.
— Riso and Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Carly’s extensive and integrated understanding of the Enneagram has allowed many of us to see our patterning more clearly, which has helped us to become more free of it. She combines her powerful intellect with her energetic gifts to help us see how our fixations can be guideposts along our path of healing and awakening. I have directed multiple friends to Carly to make sure they decipher their Enneatype correctly, as we often mistype ourselves. Carly illuminates this powerful map and helps us orient our behaviours, views, and circumstances within this frame. She helps us transform what could feel like the sticky, messy, most challenging dimensions of our life into the fertile territory of spiritual homecoming.
- A.K. San Fransisco, CA