Nourished by the consistent support of my mentors and strongly rooted in my twenty-year personal practice, I have guided thousands of students through foundational practices and trainings over the past 18 years.

Since taking part in my first meditation training in 2002, I continue to sit on regular retreats in both the Vipassana and Tantric Buddhist traditions, and study closely with my teachers, Sarah Powers and Jennifer Welwood. In addition to completing a multiyear Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and The Insight Yoga Institute in California, I have been training with the International Institute of Medical Qi Qong since 2013.My teaching and private energy medicine practice has been influenced by the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Tara Brach, Marion Woodman, Bill Plotkin, Joe Dispenza, Terrance Mckenna and the teachings of the enneagram.

As an endorsed Insight Yoga Teacher and mentor, I have also received additional training in community counselling, the Enneagram and energy medicine practices. I offer workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings locally and abroad, and advise and support individuals around the world as they grow in their practice and their teaching. Additionally, I offer energy medicine in the form of medical qi gong in person and through distance sessions.

My studies of spiritual psychology, reverence for poetry, dedication to self-inquiry, and the reciprocity and respect I have for the natural world also leave deep impressions and inform my practice. My teachings and healing work constellate around the central task of supporting others to wholly inhabit their lives: to embrace the full spectrum of their humanity and skillfully greet the paradox of life.

I was the Yin Yoga and Mindfulness instructor to the Canadian National Women’s 7s Rugby Team, winners of the Bronze Medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

I am grateful to live and work on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish Lekwungen-speaking people. (Victoria BC)


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Lit From Within: Practices that support a life infused with courage, wonder and care. 

Our outer circumstances and conditions are always in flux. Impermanence is the only certainty we are granted and yet, sitting in the immensity of change and how it manifests in our lives can feel overwhelming and at times, incredibly frightening and disorienting. Learning how to find our deep inner ground and take refuge, again and again, in this ultimate homecoming is the task of our lives; a mark of true adulthood and an ennobling right- of- passage for us all. 

My offerings are the practices that have helped me stay illuminated when the world around me has darkened. These practices have increased my sensitivity, empowered my capacity for self- healing, strengthened my inner resolve, softened my heart and ultimately have helped deepen my trust in the mysterious unfolding of my life. I offer these practices not as a panacea or a cure but as balm for the aching heart. I ultimately hope that you too will feel your own inner sovereignty and meet your challenges and triumphs with inclusion and curiosity. May my offerings help to illuminate and inspire.

I offer these practices and perspectives in the form of retreats, teacher training, through my online seasonal school and in my private practice.

I draw from the unique sparks and inspirations that have kindled my heart and lit my soul from within.  I weave together embodiment practices that balance and enliven the subtle body while strengthening and nourishing the physical body; psycho- spiritual inquiry and education; and, nature-based practices that encourage living seasonally and simply. These practices are not meant to emphasize perfection or achievement but instead remind us how to lovingly come home to who we are right now, reminding us how to rekindle our inner fire, again and again, and share our radiance and warmth where we can.