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Lit From Within Soul Group: DATE TBD

Dates and Times TBD
$100 per session.

"By soul I mean the vital, mysterious, and wild core of our individual selves, and essence unique to each person, qualities found in layers of the self much deeper than our personalities. By spirit I mean the single, great and eternal mystery that permeates and animates everything in the universe and yet transcends all. Ultimately, each soul exists as an agent for spirit.
The concept of soul embraces the essence of of our particular individuality. This individuality reflects our unique and deepest personal characteristics., the core enduring qualities that define our personhood, the true self, the real me. Soul is what is most wild and natural within us.
Soul embraces and calls us toward what is most unique in us. Spirit encompasses and draw us toward what is most universal and shared.”
-From the book Soulcraft by Bill Pltokin.

Bringing our luminous nature into daily life in no small task given the myriad of distractions and duties we’re pulled into each day. Our work is not to transcend the messiness of our daily duties and difficulties but rather to embrace and infuse our lives with the fullness of our soul. Living our days with a greater sense of meaning and intention requires daily devotion and dedication to our deeper nature along with support, reminders and resources to help us we when we feel adrift. This soul group was born out of the desire to deepen into soul work with more consistency, to help us stay awake and willing to engage with the full spectrum of our lives and the predicament we face on the planet at this time.
Each gathering we will explore teachings on the subtle body, inquiry based writing practices, embodiment practices (yin yoga, qi gong) dream work, visualization and meditation.
You can think of this group as monthly mini retreat designed to help you navigate the mysterious realm of your unique soul and deepen your trust and fortitude to both embrace and co create your life.

This could be a good fit for if…
-you long to connect with a circle of people committed to exploring soul.
-are open to monthly readings, recordings and writing practices between sessions.
-have an interest in dreams, writing, meditation, the subtle body, embodiment practices -have a desire to deepen one’s connection with nature and be of service during this time of great uncertainty on our planet.
-are looking for some structure to help you stay connected to your deepest intentions.

Attendance requirements:
This group is a commitment for 3 months. No drop ins. To maintain the strength of the container I will require a commitment of at least 3 of sessions and the first session is mandatory. Each mini retreat will build on the next.

Please contact to apply