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Lit From Within: Online Seasonal School

October 7th 2019 - January 5th 2020
Cost $100
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Learning to live in alignment with the seasons and exploring the unique medicine each season has to offer us is a life giving way to embrace the changing nature of reality and our own ever- shifting inner seasons.  With each new season you will receive access to four yin yoga classes and qi gong videos, several guided meditations, inspirational talks and writing prompts for your own inquiry practice. Each three month seasonal session will be an online refuge; a place to turn if you're feeling over-whelmed and in need of solace and support.

You'll receive a passcode to access a secure page on my website where you'll find all the videos and writings are available in one place in a user friendly and organized format for each three month season.

October 7 2019-January 5th 2020 : Honouring the Season of Descent.

"The only trust required is to know that when there is one ending there will be another beginning"-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

The fall is the season of letting go, transforming through shedding and release. We see this transformation mirrored all around us in the falling of leaves and the waning of the light. We are being called to come inward and discover new reserves of strength through stillness and quietude. Although the natural world is calling us home the dominant culture often doesn't support or encourage the soul's need for descent.

During our time together we will explore the gifts this season has to offer and skillful ways to navigate the darker months and the emotional landscape this time of year can elicit. Through the embodiment practice of yin yoga and qi gong, inquiry practices of writing and the mind training practices of meditation and visualization we will create a potent weekend to honour the season of descent and her many charms.

I have been working with Carly one-on-one and through some of her online classes over the past 3 years. Through this time I have developed my own home based meditation practice and I have also worked through some difficult times with Carly's support. Carly is a wonderful person to work with. She listens deeply and offers meaningful and insightful reflections and guidance to help navigate life in a mindful way."
-Leigh Joseph, Squamish BC
Ethnobotanist, researcher, community activist and creator of Skwalwen Botanicals